Cantina Collectibles specializes in a wide range of vintage Star Wars memorabilia from Kenner toys and prototypes to posters and buttons.
Our goal is to offer unique, high quality items at very fair prices. Being collectors ourselves, we know what you like. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Ask about our shipping service too!

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Bill Wills and Tracey Hamilton of Cantina Collectibles, are avid collectors of vintage Star Wars memorabilia with a combined experience of over 30 years. Both have a passion not only for the production toys, but also prototypes and other pre-production materials. It's only fitting that they both grew up and reside in the city in which Kenner, the company responsible for the design and production of the vintage Star Wars line, was headquartered. This has provided them the opportunity to track down some of the more rare and coveted collectibles from the toy line, including actual prototypes used to produce the beloved toys and their packaging.

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